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Good News and Bad News

Friday, May 25, 2012 @ Friday, May 25, 2012 | 0 Rainbow [s]

Assalamulaikum to Muslim and Hye to non-Muslim .
Thanx for coming my blog .
Yes , I've good news and bad news .

Badnews , I've got FAIL in my Math !!
I'm really sooooo sadd !! I don't know why I can FAIL in my math .
But , I'll make sure I've got more better from this on my pre-SPM .

Goodnews , I buy my new contact lenses .
Black colours size 16mm . How big my eyes i'm wear it .
I'm like it my lenses .
But , tomorrow I need to back my village .
Have event at Maklong's House and I'm really excited to get back .
How much I'm miss my village !

Please pray for me to get Straight A's in SPM (important exam)
Thank you guys . Goodbyee and salam n_n

SMILE can make you feel good .

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